Send My Stuff - USA Shipping

Send My Stuff - USA Shipping

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Ready to ship your cards?

By default, Pokemon BariBari USA holds all your purchases until you are ready to have them shipped. When you are ready to receive your purchases, pay the $5 Send My Stuff here, and we will send everything we have on hand to you. This flat $5 fee will cover all your shipping, regardless of how much you have stored with us.

Once payment is received, everything you've purchased (under the same account or name) will then be shipped out to the shipping address provided on this "Send My Stuff" order. Every package is sent with a tracking number that will be emailed to you. 

This "Send My Stuff" is specific to USA shipping ONLY. Looking for International shipping? Click here >>


  • All Send My Stuff requests are packaged weekly on Monday, and all packages are delivered to the post office on Tuesday/Wednesday afternoon.
  • The cutoff time for our weekly shipping is Sunday at 11:59pm Eastern. Any Send My Stuff shipping requests received after this time will be added to the next week's batch of shipments.
  • Please note that COVID-19 is still affecting USPS delivery times. While most packages take around one week to arrive, some packages may take up to 3 weeks or more, even inside the United States. We ask for your patience with delivery times, as it is outside of BariBari USA's control.


CLICK HERE to read BariBari USA's full buyback policies. For details on Toploader & V/Vmax buybacks, read below.


If you are interested in Toploader buybacks, BariBari USA will look through your toploaded cards. If we're interested in purchasing any from you, we will email you a list of our desired cards and the prices we can offer. (Prices will be around 50% of TCG Player value.) You are welcome to accept or decline any of our offers. If you accept any offers, you will receive a digital gift card (via email) as payment. Once we settle all buyback offers, we'll continue with your Send My Stuff shipping. You will receive a tracking number email soon after.

If we are not interested in any of your cards, we will process your Send My Stuff as normal. If you receive a tracking number email and no buyback email, it's safe to assume we're unable to make offers for any cards in this shipment.


We are not currently accepting holo and reverse holo buybacks at this time.

If you are interested in V/Vmax/Vstar buybacks, fill out the information above. These non toploaded buybacks include V/GX/EXs, Vmaxs, Vstars, and Trainer Gallery (yellow borders only) cards. You will not receive any more communication about these buybacks. BariBari USA will simply remove the cards you would like us to buyback from your shipment and send you a digital gift card for the total.