Pokemon BariBari USA is now offering buybacks for cards currently stored with us!
By submitting a buyback request you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to the terms below. 

All buybacks are now available when you purchase a Send My Stuff shipping request.

  • All buybacks will be paid out in gift cards to the Pokemon BariBari USA shop.

  • Cards eligible for buyback are only ones we have on hand with us (in your personal storage drawer), we are unable to accept buybacks that are mailed in to us.
  • Pokemon BariBari USA reserves the right to decline any buyback offers at any time without reason. We will do our best to update the top of this page if we need to close ALL buybacks for a period of time.

  • Due to limited man power, we will usually only consider buybacks when you request a Send My Stuff. (The exception being if you have a previous arrangement with BariBari USA) That way we can organize your cards for buybacks and for shipping at the same time.
    • We accept two options for holos: buyback all holos, or buyback all holos from certain sets (you will be able to define which sets). Due to the sheer amount of holos that most people have, we are unable to get more specific than that. We are unable to sort for duplicates, it is all or nothing.

  • If you have a large amount of cards you'd like to sell, you are welcome to email us and request buybacks even if you are not submitting a Send My Stuff shipping request. These buyback requests will be done on a case by case basis, and as we have time.

  • Buyback offers are only valid for cards pulled on BariBari USA streams, that are currently being stored with us. We do not accept any outside submissions or mailed in cards.

Current Buyback Rates:

C / UC / Rare / Energy
(non holo)
not accepted not accepted
Holo & Reverse Holo
C / UC / Rare / Energy
$0.03 / ea Submit through Send My Stuff
V, GX, EX (non full arts) $0.40 / ea Submit through Send My Stuff
VMAX/Vstar $0.40 / ea Submit through Send My Stuff
Trainer Gallery (yellow borders) $0.40 / ea Submit through Send My Stuff
Radiants (excluding Charizards, Blastoise, Venusaur) $0.10 / ea Submit through Send My Stuff
All other toploaded cards
(Full Arts, Secret Rares, Alt Arts, etc)
~50% of TCG Player Value Request buyback offers through Send My Stuff