Twitch Commands

Commands are prompts that you can type into the Twitch chat box, and our automated bot will respond. Commands can be used to learn more information on a topic, to find the direct link to something, and much more. To use a command, start by typing !, followed by the command. For example, if you wanted the direct link to our Instagram pages, you would type !instagram in the Twitch chat. 



 General Stream Info

!shop, !store Links to BariBari Japan and BariBari USA online storefronts. Any packs opened on livestream are purchased here.
!queue, !que, !q Links to our current Order Queue.
!key, !list Explains what different colors mean on the up next list displayed on stream.
!timestamps Links to the Timestamps sheet. Find direct links to your previous pack openings in our VODs.
!trades, !trade Links to our Trades form. Trade cards and items opened on stream with other viewers.
!schedule Links to our stream schedule page. Find out exactly when BariBari will be live.
!uptime Displays how long the current livestream has been going.
!faq Links to our FAQ page. Find answers to general questions about the stream, shipping, giveaways, and more.
!restock Info on when BariBari Japan and BariBari USA restock their shops.


Contact & Social Media

!contact Explains the best way to contact BariBari Japan and BariBari USA.
!email Displays the BariBari Japan and BariBari USA emails.
!discord Links to our joint Discord community. 
!instagram Links to BariBari Japan and BariBari USA Instagram accounts.
!facebook Links to Facebook accounts.
!youtube Links to the joint BariBari Youtube account.


Pokemon Catching Game

!catchgame Explains how the Pokemon catching game works in our Twitch chat. 
!pokeball, !greatball, !ultraball Uses "baribari bits" to throw a ball at a wild Pokemon in the chat catching game. Pokeball: 4 bits, greatball: 6 bits, ultraball: 16 bits. Only works when wild Pokemon are present in the chat.
!bits Displays how many baribari bits you have currently. You automatically earn 1 baribari bit per minute.



!entries Displays how many entries you currently have for our free viewer giveaway.
!explainsub Explains how the monthly subscriber giveaway works.
!explainviewer Explains how the free viewer giveaway works.
!rollover Explains how to rollover 30% of your entries to the next stream's viewer giveaway if you're not the current winner.
!whispertest The bot will send you a test whisper to make sure you can receive the notification in case you win the viewer giveaway.
!ladders Explains how the weekly ladder giveaway works.


Breaks Info

!explainbreaks Explains what breaks are.
!hitdraft Explains what hit draft breaks are.
!hitrotation Explains what hit rotation breaks are.
!randomtype Explains what random type breaks are.
!energybreak Explains what energy card breaks are.
!wishlist Explains what wishlist random type breaks are.
!rallies Explains what rallies are.
!breaks Links to current breaks we are trying to fill. 
!personals Links to all personal pack breaks available.
!gym Explains and links to info about BariBari USA's personal pack battle game called the Gym Challenge. 
!badges Links to the badge sheet. Check your current progress (how many badges earned) in the Gym Challenge.
!scoreusa How BariBari USA scores pack battles and Gym Challenges. 


Just For Fun

!sneeze Says "bless you" to the streamers if they sneeze.
!age Tells you the age of your Twitch account.
!followage Tells you how long you have been following the PokemonBariBari channel.
!baribari Explains the meaning of BariBari.
!sugoi Explains the meaning of sugoi.
!birthdaysong The bot will post a special BariBari birthday song, written by Ginkgo!
!boop [object doing action] [object receiving action] Example: !boop Espeon Umbreon
The bot will say "Espeon has booped Umbreon's snoot!"
!love [user/object] The bot will tell you the percentage of love between you and [user/object].
!sus The bot will say a random viewer appears "sus."
!adventure [amount of bits to wager] Only works when !adventure is off cooldown. Use this command to join an adventure in the Twitch chat. Adventures have 3 levels of difficulty. You earn or lose baribari bits depending on if you survive the adventure, which is random according to the adventure's difficulty.