Spin Points and the Prize Vault

Spin Points

Spin points are a scoring system used to determine which spots in a break get a spot on the Prize Vault Wheel. Each hit is assigned a value from the table below, and the total score of the spot is calculated. Depending on the break, different scores will receive a spot on the wheel, or even multiple spots (see the spin point thresholds section below). 

Hit Type

Spin Point Value

Sleeved V, Vmax, EX, GX 1 Spin Point
Toploaded Hits (FA, FA Supporter, Vmax > $15 value) 3 Spin Points
Secret Rares and Alt Art V's 4 Spin Points
Alt Art Vmax's 5 Spin Points


Spin Point Thresholds For Breaks

Depending on the number of packs in a break, different Spin Point scores will receive spins on the Prize Vault Wheel, or even multiple spots. See the table below for the breakdown.

 Break Size

Spin Point Thresholds and Wheel Spots

0-49 Packs Spots with 0 Points = 1 Wheel Spot
50-69 Packs Spots with 0 or 1 Points = 1 Wheel Spot
70-99 Packs Spots with 0, 1, or 2 Points = 1 Wheel Spot
100-149 Packs

Spots with 0 Points = 2 Wheel Spots
Spots with 1 or 2 Points = 1 Wheel Spot

150+ Packs

Spots with 0 or 1 Points = 2 Wheel Spots
Spots with 2 or 3 Points = 1 Wheel Spot

Hit Draft The person randomized into the last picking spot = 1 Wheel Spot (regardless of selected hits)
Hit Rotation Lowest Spin Point Spot = 1 Wheel Spot (no threshold)


**Additional Wheel Spots may be very rarely awarded at BariBari USA's discretion for cases of extremely unequal breaks (for example, everyone in the break receives an Alt Art or multiple Secret Rares except one spot, which had enough V's to not qualify for a Wheel Spot, this spot may be awarded a Wheel Spot, if we so choose). We know when we will give these spots out, please do not ask or beg for them to be assigned.**

Wheel Spins

The Prize Vault Wheel consists of 6 spots. Once all 6 spots are filled with viewer names (as determined by the Spin Points system above), the Prize Vault Wheel is spun. The spot that the Wheel lands on receives one free Prize Vault Voucher, which may be redeemed for any one item in the Prize Vault. The prize vault's contents are constantly changing, the current contents can be viewed hereIn the case of two spots getting places on the wheel in the same break, spots will be added to the wheel in the order of the order number. Winners are determined during our livestreams and will receive the voucher code through the email they used to purchase.