Pokemon Trading Card Game - Mystery Bundle with Prizes (4 Packs)

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  • Stream Game: Mystery Bundles
  • Packs Included: x4 Mystery Packs
  • Prize Drawers: x8 Astral Radiance Packs, x8 Lost Origin Packs, x8 Silver Tempest, x8 Pokemon GO, or x8 Brilliant Stars


Pick a drawer and see what's inside! Each regular drawer contains 1 guaranteed pack of the latest standard set (Silver Tempest) and 3 mystery packs, with no duplicates in the same drawer. Each of the 5 different Prize Drawers contain 8 packs of the same set (either Astral Radiance, Silver Tempest, Lost Origin, Pokemon GO, or Brilliant Stars)! See your mystery packs revealed and opened on livestream! Some drawers may also have other addition prizes!

If you're curious about which Pokemon is on which drawer label, check out the second image. The Pokemon are purely for decoration though, and don't impact prize drawer placement!

No Bulk / Include Bulk:

If you select 'No Bulk', you will receive all Reverse Holos, Holos, Ultra Rares, Amazing Rares, and Secret Rares. If you select 'Include Bulk', you will also receive all commons, uncommons, non-holo rares, and energies in addition to your hits.


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