Pokemon Trading Card Game - Gym Challenge (6 packs)

Pokemon Trading Card Game - Gym Challenge (6 packs)

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Do you have what it takes to defeat all 8 Kalos Gym Leaders? Choose your starter Pokemon, and start your journey to become a Pokemon Master!

*** Track your Gym Challenge progress! See how many gym leaders you have defeated HERE.

*Season Ends: Around February, but it is never too late to start your journey!


The Gym Challenge is a series of personal pack battles against the Kalos Region Gym Leaders. Each gym leader has an assigned point value you must tie or beat in order to beat that gym leader. Each gym leader gets increasingly more difficult as you go. You must defeat the gym leaders in order, but you can challenge a gym leader as many times as you'd like in order to defeat it. When you defeat a gym leader, you'll receive a full art (or better) card themed to that gym's type as a prize! Players that defeat all 8 gym leaders will be entered into a drawing for the Master Ball prize: $50 TCGPlayer.com gift card, or $50 Pokemon BariBari USA gift card!  

Viola - Bug
6 points
Grant - Rock
7 points
Korrina - Fighting
7 points
Ramos - Grass
8 points
Clemont - Electric
8 points
Valerie - Fairy
9 points
Olympia - Psychic
10 points
Wulfric - Ice
11 points



A personal pack battle requires only one player: you! 

At the start of a battle you'll receive 6 packs of your selected set. You'll earn points according to the cards you pull from your assigned packs (see chart below for point values). We'll tally the points on screen as you go so there's no confusion. Once all packs are opened and points tallied, you win the battle if you tie or beat the score of the warden! Regardless of whether you win or lose, you will keep all hits (or all cards if selected) from your 6 packs.

Reverse Holo Rares, any hit in Reverse Holo slot (Trainer Gallery, ARs, BREAKs, etc), Reverse Holo Energy in the Reverse Holo spot 1
Holo Rares 2
V, GX, EX 3
Vstar, Vmax, all Full Arts, V Alternate Arts 4
Rainbow, Gold, Secret Rares, Vmax Alternate Arts 5



Your starter Pokemon will not have any effect on your battles, but it does add to the fun! 

Choose a starter Pokemon (Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie) to appear on screen during your battles. In addition to appearing on screen, each time you defeat a gym leader you will earn one entry into a drawing for a plush of your chosen starter Pokemon! For example, if you choose Froakie, you will earn one entry for a Froakie plush drawing every time you defeat a gym leader. (You do not have to defeat all 8 gym leaders for your entries to count. Your entries are valid even if you only defeat one gym leader.) Once selected your starter Pokemon cannot be changed, so choose wisely!

No Bulk / Include Bulk:

If you select 'No Bulk', you will receive all Reverse Holos, Holos, Ultra Rares, Amazing Rares, and Secret Rares. If you select 'Include Bulk', you will also receive all commons, uncommons, non-holo rares, and energies in addition to your hits.


  • The value of your prize card has the potential to go up the further you get in the gym challenge. The value of Wulfric's prize cards are far greater than Viola's cards.
  • There may be some Promos and Baby Shinies as prizes in the early gyms. This is the only exception to the "Full Art (or better)" prize card guarantee.
  • We release 1-2 new gym leaders per week, starting with Viola. You can challenge as many gym leaders as have been unlocked (in order, of course). You are welcome to challenge more than one gym leader per week so long as they have been unlocked.
  • Once you have beaten the final gym leader Wulfric, you can start again from Viola (fighting all 8 gym leaders in order again). You will still earn prize cards for each gym leader you defeat and you will gain an extra entry into the Masterball Prize drawing for each time you defeat all 8. You will, however, have only a maximum of 8 total entries into your first starter's plush giveaway (and can't earn entries into other starter's giveaways if you change starters).