Pokemon Trading Card Game - Evolving Skies Random Type Break (55 Packs) #14

Pokemon Trading Card Game - Evolving Skies Random Type Break (55 Packs) #14

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  • Break Style: Group Break - Random Type (i.e. Dark, Grass, etc.)
  • Total Packs: 55 Loose Packs
  • Pack Breakdown: 55 Evolving Skies
  • Number of Spots: 11 Spots
  • Extras: Random sealed pack for hitless spots


There will be 11 spots in this break. Each person will be randomly assigned a type (Dark, Grass, etc.) from the list below before the break is opened. You will receive all Reverse Holos, Holos, Ultra Rares, Amazing Rares, and Secret Rares of your assigned type from the pictured packs (for Water, Dragon, and Psychic spots the holos/reverses will be divided randomly between the two spots belonging to each respective type). Type assignments and pack openings will all be done on livestream.

Hitless Spots:

Hitless Spots will receive sealed random packs (from a box containing a mix of recent sets) in addition to their spot's holos and reverse holos.

No Bulk / Include Bulk:

If you select ' No Bulk', you will receive all the cards mentioned above. If you select ' Include Bulk', you will also receive a random variety (no specific type) of commons, uncommons, and non-holo rares, in addition to your hits.


Grass Fire/Fighting
Vaporeon & Friends
Glaceon & Friends
Dark Espeon/Golurk Sylveon/Cresselia Electric/Items


Hit Cards In Each Type:

Grass = Leafeon, Trevenant
Fire/Fighting = Flareon, Volcarona, Medicham, Lycanroc
Vaporeon & Friends = Vaporeon, Gyarados, Suicune, Gold Inteleon
Glaceon & Friends = Glaceon, Arctovish, Gold Froslass
Dark = Umbreon, Garbodor, Gold Dark Energy
Espeon/Golurk = Espeon, Golurk
Sylveon/Cresselia = Sylveon, Gold Cresselia
Electric/Items = Jolteon, Dracozolt, Gold Items, Gold Lightning Energy
Supporters = Supporters
Rayquaza/Noivern = Rayquaza, Noivern
Duraladon/Dragonite = Duraladon, Dragonite, Gold Metal Energy


  • As this is a group break, packs will only be opened once all spots are sold out and the break is completely filled. 
  • All packs for this break will be opened on livestream, once filled.
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  • Break spots do not include code cards. For code orders, please contact us via email (Contact Us)