Pokemon Trading Card Game - 3 Packs of Evolutions

Pokemon Trading Card Game - 3 Packs of Evolutions

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  • Break Style: Personal Pack Break
  • Packs Included: x3 Packs of Evolutions


You will receive 3 loose packs of Evolutionsopened on live stream. 

XY Evolutions includes Mega Venusaur , Mega Charizard , and Mega Blastoise , plus some wild surprises like Dragonite , Ninetales , Machamp , and Mega Slowbro , the classic hard-battling Pokémon and old-school Trainers are reinvented for a new generation. 

No Bulk / Include Bulk:

If you select 'No Bulk', you will receive all Reverse Holos, Holos, Ultra Rares, Amazing Rares, and Secret Rares. If you select 'Include Bulk', you will also receive all commons, uncommons, non-holo rares, and energies in addition to your hits.


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