Pokemon Themed 5-Sticker Bundle

Pokemon Themed 5-Sticker Bundle

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You will receive a bundle of Pokemon stickers, all themed to the variant of your choice! Select your sticker theme from the dropdown menu. Each bundle contains 5 stickers, and stickers can be either 2 or 3 inches on the longest side. Stickers will be a mix of vinyl or paper. 

Sticker bundles are a mystery pack, and the individual stickers in each bundle will only be revealed after purchase on livestream. There is a special discount for the first person that orders the first bundle of each theme. This discount is to say thanks for helping us reveal the contents of that bundle! (If the discounted option is not listed in the dropdown, it has already sold out.) 

Bundle themes often have more than one available, and all duplicates of the same theme will contain the same stickers. Note that V1, V2, V3, etc. are considered different themes and will contain different stickers. For example the theme "Eevee V1" will contain different stickers from the theme "Eevee V2". They will both have Eevee related stickers, but they will be different design sets.

Every bundle includes a list of the artists who designed the stickers. If you enjoy their work, please let them know!


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  • Pokemon BariBari USA has received permission from all artists included in these sticker bundles to distribute their work. If you enjoy a particular sticker, please refer to the note included in your bundle for the name of the artist, and consider supporting their work!